News – “Local fast-food chain shows employee acting ‘inappropriate'” – An alarming video shows concerning acts at a local fast-food restaurant. The video was captured at the Cañon City Burger King.

The restaurant is located near Highway 50 and North Raynolds Avenue. 11 News received the video last week after it was posted to Facebook Oct. 26.

“Definitely inappropriate and definitely some training needs to happen with the staff to make sure that things like that don’t happen again, said Fremont County Environmental Health Officer Sid Darden.

In the video, he’s an employee wearing a tank top instead of a regular uniform.

The video shows him coughing without gloves. Then, it captures him reaching into someone’s order and eating a french fry before it’s taken to the customer. He then continues coughing directly into his hands.

11 News reached out to Burger King’s corporate office last Friday. They said they would release a statement but never did. Today, 11 News reporter Khloe Keeler called back and was told “no comment.”

11 News also went to the restaurant to see if they would talk, but they just referenced back to corporate.

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  1. Straight Outta My Kitchen

    That’s just freaking gross where was management? Looks like they need some training as well letting employees get away with this

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