Grubbin Sports College Football: Another Week of Chaos Leaves 10 Teams With A Shot At The Playoff. 

Two straight weeks full of monster upsets and its been spectacular. What makes this game great is that whatever you thought going into Saturday can be thrown right out and you can start over again. If you saw Iowa beating Ohio State by 31 then you are a liar. Not even the most diehard Iowa fan could have seen that one coming. A win yes but an epic beatdown no. Now lets see who is left standing and has a shot at taking home the hardware at season’s end.

You Still Have A Shot Even With A Loss

Georgia (9-0)

Why? – A loss this week to Auburn doesn’t hurt Georgia as long as they beat Bama (or Auburn) in the SEC Championship Game. They still have the Notre Dame win in their back pocket but it gets dicey if they go into the SEC Chip undefeated and lose a close one to ‘Bama. That will put the committee in a huge bind if ND wins out a well.

Who’s Left – #10 Auburn, Kentucky & Georgia Tech

                                                                  Alabama (9-0)

Why? – As long as the loss is to Auburn and the Tigers lose to Georgia this week then that would mean a win over Georgia in the SEC Championship Game will get Bama into the playoff. That being said I don’t see Bama losing to Auburn so it could all be on the line against Georgia in the SEC Chip. The FSU win week 1 isn’t helping them at all either.

Who’s Left – 16 Mississippi State, Mercer & 10 Auburn

Miami (8-0)

Why? – A close loss to Notre Dame but a win over Clemson in the ACC championship probably would get Miami in. However, a win at Notre Dame and a loss to Clemson in the ACC Chip would leave them out. I just don’t see the committee taking two teams from the ACC this year especially with all the nail-biters Miami was in already.

Who’s Left – #3 Notre Dame, Virginia & Pitt

       No Room For Error

                                                               Wisconsin (9-0)

Why? – The schedule has been softer than baby shit. Is it okay to still say that? Sorry if I offended any babies with that comment but its true. A win over Iowa this week may look better since they shellacked Ohio State and Michigan has been playing better as well. Still if they drop any of their remaining games I don’t think a win over whoever is going to win the Big 10 East will be enough. 13-0 gets the Badgers in for sure. Anyone who says otherwise is crazy.

Who’s Left – #20 Iowa, Michigan & Minnesota

Win & You Are In…..Maybe

Notre Dame (8-1)

Why? – A win against Miami will be another quality win under their belt and they still have the best loss in the country against Georgia. A win against Stanford may not do too much at this point but I don’t see a way ND is left out with only 1 loss to Georgia. The only argument is if Georgia loses to Bama in the SEC championship game and it is a head to head look at Georgia and Notre Dame at the #4 spot. It would be hard to put Notre Dame ahead of Georgia when they beat them on the road.

Who’s Left – #7 Miami, Navy & Stanford

                                                                   Clemson (8-1)

Why? – No one seems to care that Clemson lost to Syracuse (except me) since they have a lot of “quality” wins on their schedule. A win over Miami in the ACC Championship would lock them in for sure but a loss anywhere along the way makes that Syracuse loss unforgivable in my eyes.

Who’s Left – FSU, Citadel & South Carolina

                                                               Washington (8-1)

Why? – A win over Stanford, Washington State and USC in the Pac 12 title will probably get the Huskies in even when Rutgers is their premier non conference win. People including myself had Washington out of the playoff after that Arizona State loss but after the last 2 weeks a one loss Washington team will may sneak in since the ASU loss doesn’t look as bad as it did when it happened. The Huskies go in over a one loss Wisconsin even if they are the Big 10 Champ but they are behind a one loss Notre Dame, Clemson (maybe not Miami), SEC or Big 12 champion.

Who’s Left – Stanford, Utah & #19 Washington State

                                     Elimination Game

                                                                 Oklahoma (8-1)

Why? – Two conference losses may not knock Oklahoma out of the Big 12 championship game but with the way they play defense it will knock them out of the playoff committees mind. Ohio State didn’t help their non conference win this week after Iowa took them out to the woodshed. As great as the Bedlam win was this weekend giving up 52 points in a win is not a good look. Win out and they are probably in but a loss is devastating for their chances.

Who’s Left – #6 TCU, Kansas & West Virginia

TCU (8-1)

Why? – The Iowa State loss doesn’t look that bad still but a loss here and the Frogs are out. If TCU wins this could also be a preview of the Big 12 championship game at season’s end. I would think a one loss TCU gets into the playoff but I wouldn’t bet any money on it.

Who’s Left – #5 Oklahoma, Texas Tech & Baylor

So You’re Saying There’s A Chance

                                                                    Auburn (7-2)

Why? – Auburn is the only 2 loss team that can make it to the big dance. An early out of conference loss against Clemson doesn’t look terrible even though they did and the LSU loss is forgivable IF they handle their business. The business though is beating Georgia and Alabama to end the season. Then they would have to win a rematch in the SEC title game against Georgia. If they can pull this off then there is no way the committee leaves them out as a 2 loss SEC champion. You could scream SEC bias all you want but those three wins coupled with a few others would be the best resume out there.

Who’s Left – #1 Georgia, UL-Monroe & #2 Alabama

 Two Losses Has You Out & Here’s Why

                       Virginia Tech 7-2

But Why? – No ACC championship with two losses isn’t enough for the Hokies.

                     Oklahoma State 7-2

But Why? – Their two biggest games were both losses. Plus giving up 62 to Oklahoma is not a good look.

                      Ohio State 7-2

But Why? – Did you watch the Iowa game?

                    Michigan State 7-2

But Why? – The Notre Dame loss was bad but forgivable if they had one loss. Dropping one to Northwestern doesn’t get it done even if they won the Big 10.

                      Penn State 7-2

But Why? – No signature wins to be found unless Michigan runs the table.

                       Michigan 7-2

But Why? – The Penn State beatdown is just too much paired with a below average offense.

                     Mississippi State 7-2

But Why? – Two blowout losses to Auburn & Georgia plus they barely beat UMass this weekend.

                     Washington State 8-2

But Why? – The 37-3 loss to Cal is unforgivable

                        USC 8-2

But Why? – They just weren’t competitive against Notre Dame and they have no signature wins.

The new playoff rankings came out Tuesday night. It will be interesting to see what happens after this weekends games. 3 Top Ten matchups so get ready. 


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