News – “Montclair restaurateur will appear on Food Network’s ‘Chopped’” – Natalie Colledge is familiar with the constant hustle and bustle of professional cooking as the owner/culinary director of the Plum on Park restaurant and Plum Bakery, both in Montclair.

However, even Colledge admitted she was taken aback a bit by what she encountered as a contestant on the Food Network show, “Chopped.”

This coming Thursday, Nov. 9, at 9 p.m., Colledge will appear on an episode where she competes against three other chefs in a “pie challenge,” where each had to make pies out of whatever ingredients were provided to them in about 45 minutes. There are three rounds, and the winner receives $10,000. 

Complying with a requisite of “Chopped,” Colledge could not say how she finished on the show, but she provided observations on what it was like to be involved.

“It was extremely mentally stressful, and physically,” Colledge said. “What they show on television, there is no smokescreen in what you see on television actually does happen.

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