News – “These are the 10 essential Philly sandwiches” – Say you’ve been called on to host a food expert from afar — a renowned critic from Australia or Singapore, maybe, or the culinary ambassador from a newly discovered planet. Your Airbnb guest wants to know what they can’t miss, and your in-laws are sick of the usual.

The last time those people (or beings) touched down in the sandwich mecca that is Philly, the only between-bread meals they ate were cheesesteaks. Big mistake, obviously. So your mission this time around is to take them on a tasting tour that leaves them with a solid grasp of the rest of the local sandwich landscape.

To do that, you need to answer this question: What are the most iconic sandwiches the city has to offer?

These sandwiches have to be delicious, of course, but also representative. They aren’t lunches you’ll find in New York or Chicago — or if you do, they won’t be nearly as good. And they’re not necessarily the newest or buzziest around. They are immediately recognizable to any Philadelphian.

In honor of National Sandwich Day — which officially falls on Nov. 3 (but really is a year-round event, who are they trying to kid?) — we present here the 10 essential Philly sandwiches.

Roast Pork at DiNic’s Pork and Beef

Locals will be quick to point out that if you want to pick one true signature sandwich for the city, it shouldn’t be the cheesesteak — it should be roast pork. Especially when served hot and juicy with sharp provolone and garlicky broccoli rabe, as exemplified by the version at this Reading Terminal Market mainstay. What’s that, Adam Richman, it’s the best sandwich in America? No argument here.
$11; 51 N. 12th St.

Phenomenal list for anyone looking for the authentic Philadelphia grub visit.

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