News – “Whole Foods Says These Are Going To Be 2018’s Biggest Healthy Food Trends”

mindbodygreen.comWhole Foods has long been a trendsetter in the wellness arena, with unprecedented ability to give millions of people (even more now, with the new Amazon partnership) access to exciting new healthy foods.  The global buyers and trend experts got together to release their food trend-casting report for 2018 (you can also see mbg’s food trend report, published every spring, here). Here are a few of the types of products you can expect to see everywhere.

1. Floral flavors.

Perhaps it’s a residual effect of the Instagram age (flower petals are just so pretty); expect to see floral flavors everywhere in 2018. The good news? Flowers like rose, lavender, and elderflower have potent therapeutic effects to go with their delicate flavors and pastel colors. Expect to see this in drinks, snacks, desserts, and more.

Try the trend: This CBD-infused lavender hot chocolate might be the most relaxing drink on the planet, and this rose-spiked harissacombines two of next year’s trends (see No. 4!).

2. Super powders.

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Who doesn’t love giving their smoothie a little boost with superfood powders? Whole Foods notes that turmeric powder will continue its popularity. Matcha and other greens (kale, spirulina, various herbs) will make their way to the even more mainstream, while protein powders will continue their expansion with extra functional food benefits thrown in—think skin, gut, and bone-loving collagen.

Try the trend: Vital Proteins makes grass-fed collagen in tons of smoothie-friendly flavors—here’s what happens when you drink it every day for a month.

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3. Functional mushrooms.

One of our 2017 wellness trends, mushrooms have officially gone mainstream, particularly functional varieties like reishi, chaga, lion’s mane, and cordyceps. Expect to see these in mix-in powders, ready-made drinks, and even skin and hair care.

Try the trend: Want to know what mushrooms are right for you? Here’s a comprehensive guide. If you’re looking for an easy way to include them, Four Sigmatic’s coffees and hot chocolates are a great morning option.

Floral. Flavors??

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