News – “These will be the 5 biggest food trends in 2018, according to Waitrose” – The annual Waitrose Food & Drink Report for 2017-18 has been released — and it gives us an idea of what our eating habits could look like in the not-so-distant future.

The research combines a survey of 2,000 consumers, Waitrose sales stats, and the predictions of in-house experts to analyse shopping, eating, drinking, and cooking habits.

Last year the report predicted that Hawaiian poke, lighter eating, gourmet meal kits, vegetable-flavoured yoghurt, botanical cocktails, watermelon water, and “extreme indulgences” would be the big hits in 2017 — and most of them proved to be true.

Here are the 5 biggest food trends set to hit in 2018, according to Waitrose:

Japanese ‘dude food’

japanese dude foodjazz3311 / Shutterstock

According to Waitrose, the time for miso and noodle soup is over. Now, we’re turning to the indulgent side of Japan’s cuisine.

“Gutsy sharing dishes favoured in the country’s izakaya bars are set to become a big thing,” according to the report. “Whether it’s yakitori skewered chicken or deep-fried tofu in broth, the trend will combine the hearty ‘dude food’ of the southern US states with the unctuous, rich, and surprising flavours of after-hours Tokyo.”

Indian street food

indian street foodArseni Shapurau / Shutterstock

It’s all about smoked, grilled, or seared delicacies over heavy sauces. According to Waitrose we can expect dishes like scallops in pickled ginger, or “puris stuffed with zingy vegetables and drizzled in chutney” in the near future.

“The cuisine lends itself to hybrids, such as spiced burgers or lamb keema tacos,” according to the report. “It’s Indian food like you’ve never seen it.”

Man I hope these reported trends are true because I would love to have easier access to some of these cuisines.

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