3 months Vegan & 5 months vegetarian

Self exploration

Wow, when I started this blog-thing I was just starting my journey into vegetarianism and slightly into veganism.  I shared my struggles when it came to my personal life and this became a small outlet in my busy world.

Without sounding like a weirdo, i’ve learned that veganism changed my life for the better.  My morals and ethics have evolved into the views I have always wanted them to be. I was seriously one of those people who loved animals so much, but ate them. It sounds so odd to say that I ate meat even though I liked meeting cows, chickens, sheep, and other wildlife.  Zoos and aquariums were so much fun prior to going vegetarian!  After learning about what happens to the animals from zoos to factory farming, there is no way in hell I would eat meat again or visit those places. Well, never say never, but…

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