News – “Eataly World theme park aims to become food lover’s destination” – BOLOGNA, Italy — The man behind the Eataly food empire is opening a massive attraction – part permanent trade fair, part agri-food theme park – that aims to create a showcase for excellence in Italian food.

Eataly’s owner Oscar Farinetti hopes Eataly World, opening Nov. 15 in Bologna, will boost tourism and even food exports. The experience is designed to increase demand for Italian food along with brand loyalty and consumer interest in the 150 or so food businesses represented.


Eataly already has nearly 40 stores worldwide, the newest one in Los Angeles. The company intends to list a 30 percent stake on the Milan stock exchange in 2018 or 2019.

Visitors to Eataly World can follow food production from field and stall right to their plates. They’ll see grain growing in the fields, milled into flour, processed into pasta and served at the table. Workshops will show how to refine rice and hunt for truffles, along with cooking classes for making fresh pasta, sorbetto or pizza.

Every article that comes out about this cements the fact that I need to stop messing around and get my ticket smh.

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