News – “Jollibee Is The Fast Food Chain America Needs Right Now” – Don’t go calling Jollibee the McDonald’s of the Philippines—not unless you’re looking to insult the country’s favorite fast-food restaurant. With its quick-service pancit palabok, that lovably goofy bee mascot, and delectable, served-really-hot fried fruit pies, Jollibee is in a class by itself, really, and we haven’t even gotten around to the burgers, the noodles, the chicken, that chicken, which, on a good day, is some of the best your fast food dollar can buy.

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For years now, we’ve been told that Jollibee, which began life as an ice cream shop in 1975, was coming for the American market, and in some ways, they have—with about thirty-five locations scattered around the United States, and more on the way, they’ve definitely put in a good initial effort. Really, though, when you consider that the first American store opened in the San Francisco Bay Area, all the way back in 1998, the statistics begin to seem just a tiny bit less impressive. That’s almost twenty years—isn’t that an awfully long time to open thirty-five stores, considering there are now more than a thousand locations, all around the world? 

Definitely never heard of this but it has definitely piqued my interest…

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    Yes of course. The return of the aloha burger is literally amazing, it made the people tempt, enjoying the pair of the new flavor of strawberry fries and straberry float makes it perfect. Aloha morning!

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