News – “Shape Up With Rick: What is your food telling you?”

timesonline.comu Listen to your food? What does this exactly mean? How can you listen to your food?

It’s easy.

When you consume food, this is your chance to listen to what it’s trying to tell you.

It’s going to either say, “Eat more of me; I make you healthy and fit” or “I make you feel tired, bloated and groggy so go lay down.”

Consumption of food can make you either feel great or feel not-so great.

Most of the time the food that makes you feel not-so great is the best-tasting food.

I know when I consume pizza I am going to feel not-so great. That happens to me 100 percent of the time. I know that when I eat pizza with my kids I am going to get a headache, feel bloated and become irritated.

When new members start into one of our programs, we work on a few easy steps to get them to feel better.

 The first one is to drink more water to get hydrated. When people do this, they are amazed how well they begin to feel. They have more energy, they have less headaches, they have less cravings and the list goes on.

Some good stuff in this article for everyone out there trying to get their lives together and eat healthier.

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