MFP: #foodPorn

Morning food porn.

Against the storm

I know, I know, quite a “strong” title, right?

Part of dealing with MS is the diet, as far as I know and I figured out by myself during the years. It’s not just my opinion, there are tons of articles about this around the Internet. Also, according to the doctors that I’m dealing with as part of my condition.

Long story-short, I think anyone agrees that diet does make a difference in dealing with MS.

Personally, I tried different types of dieting, starting with the Paleo one, also tried the Whals Protocol (which is pretty much a more “hardcore” spin-off for paleo), Mediterranean. And although all of them have their benefits, I’m not saying they don’t, lately I’m just following “my gut feeling”, trying to eat as healthy as possible. And I’m doing great, to be perfectly honest! Not to mention the benefits of a bit of a…

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