News – “The glaring issue with Food Network’s celebrity feature” – When it comes to managing holiday stress and making T-Day right, we got to spread our wings and include more than the usual suspects. Last week, Media City explored the pages of Time Inc.’s Food & Wine and Bon Appétit by Condé Nast. This week, we turn to the crossover giant Food Network and the mag namesake domestic diva herself, Martha Stewart Living. It’s the least we can do to help with only T-minus 10 days until the big day.

Proving that haste can make waste or worse, Food Network runs a three-page spread on New Orleans celebrity chef John Besh. The problem? Right after this issue hit the stands, Besh got exposed as a serial sex harasser, accused by 25 of his past and current female employees.

Outside of its unwitting trip to Sleazeville, Food Network does a solid job of catering to everybody from the obsessive to the completely unprepared. Three different turkey recipes offer cooking times between two hours and 12 hours. There also are three stuffing recipes, plus four options for cranberry sauce and 10 side dishes, most of which can supposedly be prepared in less than one hour. Phew!

Yeaaaaaaaa that seems like it could be a little bit of a problem to have.

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