Grubbin Sports College Football: Every Power 5 Conference Can “Technically” Have Two Losses And Here’s How

Will each Power 5 conference have a 2 loss champion? Extremely doubtful but with the way this season has unfolded so far it’s definitely not impossible. Let’s break down each conferences scenario for a 2 loss champ.

Pac 12img_0980

Well this one is easy as every team in the conference has 2 losses already and Stanford could technically win it all with 3 losses. One down, four to go…..

Chance For 2 Loss Champ : Lock City

Big 12

Will the first edition of the “new” Big 12 championship game actually keep the Big 12 out of the playoff? It’s possible. Right now Oklahoma looks like the best team in the conference that won’t lose again but we thought the same thing about Georgia and look what happened to them last week. With a game left against West Virginia and then a rematch against either TCU or Oklahoma State I wouldn’t pencil the Sooners in yet.

Chance For 2 Loss Champ – Moderate

Big 10

First of all what the hell is happening in the Big 10? We start with Penn State blowing a big lead to Ohio State. Then they drop their next game to Michigan State after they see Iowa boat race Ohio State. THEN Sparty rolls into The Shoe and gets slapped around which is immediately followed by Iowa mustering up an embarrassing 66 yards off offense against the Badgers. AND this is after they put up 55 on the Buckeyes the week before. That is the wildest stretch of bizarre results I have ever seen in a 3 week period. Whoever comes out of the East will face Wisconsin in the championship and may be favored depending on how they play Michigan this weekend.

Chance For 2 Loss Champ – High


With Kentucky and Georgia Tech left don’t consider Georgia a lock to be 11-1 entering the SEC championship game. I would say the chances are strong that they are but GT has played the Dawgs tough the last 4 years and has even come away with 2 wins. Auburn showed the country the recipe to stop Georgia which is shut down the running game (easier said than done). Then we have those Auburn Tigers that just blew out Georgia making the Iron Bowl must see TV. A win there and they will have a rematch against Georgia and will be favored for sure. Bama will probably end those chances in 2 weeks but who knows this year after they just struggled against Mississippi State who Auburn beat by 39 a month ago.

Chance For 2 Loss Champ – Lowish



Miami losing to Virginia and Pitt seems highly unlikely so I won’t even go there but Clemson still has to face a scrappy South Carolina team that plays great defense and could give Clemson fits. The Canes are already slated to play the Tigers in the ACC championship and both will likely only have 1 loss at the most. So its “possible” but the ACC has the best shot at not having a 2 loss champ.

Chance For 2 Loss Champ – Unlikely

So we already have one conference down with the Pac 12 and I am calling it now that we will have 3 count em 3 two loss conference champs at season’s end. The committee will have to choose between 2 loss champions and 1 loss non champions. Things are going to get real interesting soon and chaos will be the name of the game. Strap in folks its gonna be a fun ride.

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