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News – “Papa John’s Flips Off Neo-Nazis On Twitter, Not Everybody’s Buying It”

foodbeast.comPapa John’s really, REALLY doesn’t want to be linked to Neo-Nazis anymore.

In a fiery trio of tweets, the pizza giant came out with an explanation regarding the events of the past couple of weeks. For those who need catching up, Papa John’s caught some shade for blaming the NFL’s handling of players’ national anthem protests on their drop in sales. The alt-right later made the chain their official pizza, something that Papa John didn’t want even a miniscule part of.

 Papa John’s full response to their ongoing controversy is below:

Still, not everybody is buying Papa John’s apology, even if part of it flips off Neo-Nazis. Several responded to the pizza purveyor’s tweets by throwing some shade of their own.

and consider me one of those people…

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