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The JG team and I had the honor of attending Chef Barbie Marshall’s, Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars, season premiere viewing party, at Gordon Ramsay’s Pub located in Caesars Hotel in Atlantic City. As soon as we arrived we got right down to enjoying some libations and dined on Chef Barbie’s fantastic shrimp and grits. After we got done grubbin we soaked in the vibes of the elegant affair for a little while and then started mingling with the other guests and celebrity chefs. While networking we had the pleasure of meeting the winner of Chopped, season 19, Chef GeorgeAnn Leaming. While shooting the breeze (people need to start using that phrase more) we covered all sorts of topics including her favorite spots in the city to grab grub, Chopped, Yelp reviewers, and most importantly her and her boyfriend, Angelo Polito’s restaurant Samwich. Immediately after leaving the premiere party Big Al, Jamiel, and I started discussing plans to hit Samwich the following weekend. Unfortunately Mo wasn’t able to join us and he’s still mad he missed out.

Samwich opened in 2016 and  is located at 600 Catherine street in Philadelphia. They specialize in New American cuisine and as soon as you approach the quaint shop your greeted by the delicious aroma of whatever Chef Angelo is cooking up on the grill. Whenever we go to a new restaurant/location for a review we typically get the item their most known for and if anything else looks good we add that in with it. Chef Georgeann told us they got voted for having the best chicken sandwich in Philadelphia in 2016 so you already know we ordered that as soon as we walked in. Well lets just say it’s a good thing we brought our appetites with us on this night.

Between the three of us we ordered the Cubano Melt, The Burger, The Pork Roll Croissant, tater tots, fries, Chile Lime Popcorn, Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese and of course the Fried Chicken Sandwich… 3 different kind of chicken sandwiches to be exact. I’m not lying when I say I just sat back in my chair and smiled reminiscing about that flavor extravaganza. I split the Cubano with Jam and it was so fantastic that I almost walked over to his plate and took the other half back. It consisted of slow roasted pulled pork, baked ham, chipotle mustard sauce, Gruyere, and house made sweet n sour pickles…. BRUH!!! I cannot express enough to you guys how fantastic this sandwich was, if you’re a fan of the Cuban delicacy, I definitely suggest that you check this out.

The Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese & The Cubano


Let’s move on to the sides real quick before I keep going down the list of mains dishes. The Chile Lime popcorn was deliciously unique and packed a little bit of a kick, which me and Jam loved… Al has childish taste buds and can’t handle spice… it’s okay, we still love him. The fries were cooked perfectly and had that perfect amount of crunch without being overdone. The pulled pork mac and cheese was so bangin that the three of us danced around the restaurant as we devoured every gooey, cheesy morsel. The pork was super tender and the sauce was packed with zesty smoky flavor.

Just Oozing With Flavor

Their Burger is one of the best in Philadelphia, Jamiels son Kai was so pleased with it he demanded another on from his dad almost immediately. It’s a half pound angus beef patty that comes with their house made bacon, a smoked sweet onion aioli sauce, mixed greens, cheddar AND cooper, all on a brioche bun. Let’s just say I came here for the award winning chicken sandwich and left wondering how the burger didn’t win the same, so very very good.

The Burger and Chile Lime Popcorn

One of the best burgers we’ve tried.

Finally moving on to what we came for, the chicken sandwich! Full disclosure because we’re all friends here… I ate 3 of these by myself, now in my defense if a place has 3 different kinds you kinda have too right? right?! Okay I know, I know, I need help. No but seriously, I can see why this receives all the praise that it gets. The country fried chicken comes with the house bacon, pepper jack cheese, ranch & sweet n sour pickles and the buttermilk brined chicken thigh with Suppa’s secret herb and spice blend. I now believe in love at first bite, and it’s because this sandwich was simply a beautiful masterpiece. The Mona Lisa of chicken sandwiches, except with tremendous flavor. After polishing that beauty off, I immediately ordered another one, this time I went with the Teriyaki chicken. This is the same as the signature chicken sandwich but with teriyaki sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, crushed peanuts, cilantro on a seeded roll.

Kai was in flavor heaven

Kid approved

After my last bite of the Teriyaki chicken I knew deep down in my heart that Samwich was the home of the best chicken sandwich that I’ve ever had. No real debate necessary either, decided it right there on the spot…. but I wasn’t done yet… there was still more work to be done. Both sandwiches were nothing short of spectacular, every bite was an eruption of almost magically delicious flavor.

Chef Angelo told me that his favorite of all his delicious creations was the hot chicken sandwich so I saved that for last. The hot chicken comes on a seeded roll with Nashville style hot sauce, ranch dressing, and house made dill pickles. This is the chicken sandwich that the greek gods dined on, they’ve ruined all other spicy chicken sandwiches for me.

Best Chicken Sandwich I’ve Ever Had

One of the way’s Samwich separates themselves from the crowd is the fact that they use thigh meat instead of the typical chicken breast. Leaving the customer with a juicer and more flavorful meal, more establishments need to take notes. I have had A LOT of chicken sandwiches in my day… A LOT, and Samwich is now number one on my list when I get that craving. So shoutout to Chef Georgann and Angelo because their definitely changing the game one mouthwatering creation at a time.

Image result for we're not worthy gif

Side note: I never got to try Big Al’s breakfast sandwich but it must have been pretty good because he inhaled that bad boy in less then a minute.

Pork Roll Croissant

Angelo and Big Al


Name a better duo



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