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News – “Cool Ranch potatoes and Gordita Stuffing: Taco Bell’s Thanksgiving dinner” – Thanksgiving meal prep can get pretty stressful. That’s why we have Friendsgiving, a nice precursor to the holiday spent with our closest pals. Everyone brings a dish or two, so no one has do the majority of the legwork.

But apparently we’re not that tight with Taco Bell.

The fast food chain made our mouths water after revealing the menu for its fifth annual “Friendsgiving” dinner held at the chain’s Irvine, California headquarters on Nov. 16. Only the brand’s “closest friends” scored an invite, including celebrities and social media personalities. Peter Allen Vogt of “Madtv,” Ashley Argota from “True Jackson, VP,” and musician Steve Zaragoza were among the notable guests.

So how does one secure an invite to this oh-so-delicious holiday dinner party?

“We love hosting ‘Friendsgiving’ every year and generally invite an exclusive list of some of the closest friends of the brand,” a spokesperson for Taco Bell told TODAY Food. “This tends to include some familiar faces we work with often, whether that’s on social media, behind the scenes or in the media.”

As a treat for their special guests, Taco Bell put a Mexican-inspired twist on classic Thanksgiving fare — and we’re pretty intrigued.

The three course menu included creative mashups like the “Turkerito” burrito with seasoned beef, rice and cheddar cheese and a “Gordita Bread Stuffing” with sausage, thyme and sage. Yum!

Damn that actually sounds really delicious, invite us next time Taco Bell!!

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