JG Original: #TBT Mcdonalds Big N’ Tasty

Happy Thanksgiving! Since we’re all about to grub on something delicious and tasty today, on this edition of #TBT were going to reminisce about the The Big N’ Tasty from McDonald’s. Introduced in 1991 and lasting for 20 years before McDonald’s took it off the menu in 2011, the Big N’ Tasty was on of my all time favorite menu items from the golden arches. After high school football practices it would hold me, Jamiel, Mo and Leer down and never disappointed! At one point they had it on the dollar menu and quickly fixed that mistake because we were definitely shutting down whole locations grabbing like 10 at a time each. So shoutout and R.I.P. to you Big N’ Tasty, you are truly missed.

Image result for big n tasty


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