News – “Serial Mega-Tipper ‘TipsForJesus’ Revealed To Be Former PayPal Exec”

foodbeast.comFor the past few years, a mysterious person under the pseudonym “TipsForJesus” has been frequenting bars, restaurants, and more. Everywhere they go, massive gratuitiesnumbering in the thousands of dollars are left behind for whatever lucky server happens to help them that evening. While rumors have swirled around the mega-tipper’s identity, we finally have confirmation as to who this generous soul really is.


TipsForJesus returned from an eleven-month hiatus on Instagram recently by dropping a $5,000 tip on a drink order of just over $100. While the tipping legend typically shares the receipt that includes that amount on Instagram (like the one below), they didn’t take a picture this time around. Instead, they referred to a New York Post article that reported on the mega-tipper’s return.


That column referred to the leader as the TipsForJesus movement as Jack Selby, a former PayPal executive who was seen at the bar in question that evening. The Instagram post does black out mentions of Selby’s name, but it definitely confirms his alter ego, which had been rumored as early as 2013 on the now-defunct Gawker, Eater SF reports.

Can’t say anything except very very dope way to share your funds Mr. Selby

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