MFP: Slimming Doner Kebab for a smidgen over 4 Syns

Morning food porn.

Come Dine With Liz

❤️Seriously what diet, Fake-away Doner Kebab and chips for a smidgen over 4 syns per person?! ❤️

The takeaway version is over 30 syns BTW! This recipe serves 4 ‘hearty’ portions using the amazing 2 syn Lo-Dough. The syns would be even less if you can find 5% fat lamb but I have based it on the more easily found 10% fat, 20% fat lamb would raise the syns to just over 7.5 syns PP.

it is my first time using JD Seasoning kits – a syn free spicing option for complete meal spice kits and recipes. If this recipe is anything to go by they are good as it was amazing 👏😋👏

Ingredients to serve 4

JD Seasonings Doner Kebab spice kit

500g 10% fat lamb mince (per 100g 10% fat is 2 syns)

4 pieces of Lo-Dough (2 syns per piece) Alternatively you could use 4 Weightwatchers Wraps…

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