News – “Buy Local/Eat Local: FoodieTrip Offers More Than 1,000 Food Trips In 40-Plus Countries Worldwide” – As consumers increasingly strive to buy local, here’s a new business highlighting the best of local cuisine to more than 1,000 locations so far. FoodieTrip, the creation of founder Matan Magril in New York City, is hoping to become the AirBnB of food experiences with options ranging from home cooked meals with famous chefs to restaurants, picnics and independent tasting tours in more than 100 cities in more than 40 countries so far.


FoodieTrip is aiming to become the “AirBnB” of culinary experiences.

According to Magril, Today’s travelers are looking for unique experiences that are off the beaten path, with local and cultural-specific food at the top of their list of desires. In the same way that AirBnB engages local property owners, FoodieTrip has created the first peer-to-peer marketplace to connect travelers with local and passionate food guides to provide genuine and local culinary experiences in more than 80 cities worldwide. FoodieTrip saves “foodies” the time and money it would otherwise require to research restaurants, risk undesirable outcomes, and also allows them to stay comfortable and safe while trying adventurous foods.

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