News – “Frying food could have a surprising effect on the weather” – Thanksgiving revelers who deep fried their turkeys may have had a measurable effect on more than just their scales.

According to a team of European researchers, the use of deep fryers could be making cities cloudier. 

Research released Thanksgiving day in the journal Nature Communications details how fatty acids that get released into the air when food is fried coat the surface of particles in the atmosphere, making them better ingredients for cloud cover.

Triglycerides and fatty acids released into the atmosphere from frying form complex, 3-D crystalline molecular structures. The sticky presence of those fatty acids makes the particles they coat last longer and travel farther, absorbing more moisture in the air along the way. That fuels cloud formation because tiny water droplets in the air can only become clouds if they connect with aerosols that form the inner core of cloud droplets. 

This just low key blew my mind, to early for all this

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