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News – “Prepare yourself for ‘Super Mario’ cereal”

engadget.comIt seems even the Mushroom Kingdom eats cereal like the rest of us. Following the release of Super Mario Odyssey, breakfast blog Cerealousyhas uncovered a new breakfast treat with Mario and Cappy on the box. Inside, you’ll find star-shaped oats and marshmallow pieces in the shape of Super Mushrooms, 1-Up Mushrooms and ? Boxes.

Cereal makers have long included video game toys (and even discs) in their boxes, but Kellogg’s is doing things a bit differently this time around. Thanks to box art discovered by Cerealousy, we can see that some boxes will include “special Amiibo” that can be used to power-up proceedings inside Super Mario Odyssey. Amiibo typically take the form of figurines, although Nintendo does sell card packs separately.

The perfect bowl of sugar and oats so you can level up to start the day.


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2 comments on “News – “Prepare yourself for ‘Super Mario’ cereal”

  1. Oh wow. I just remember playing the game a few times. Now this and even Peach cheerios and Lucky charms frosted flakes. What has the world come to? lol.

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