News – “The secrets to a salad that qualifies as dude food” – In spring and summer, salads can be easily thrown together with a few — or many — fresh, seasonal raw ingredients. In fall and winter, they take a little more thought, because usually at least some of those elements need to be cooked.

But the same principles of salad making apply, especially the primary one: Think about texture. When you do — combining, say, some roasted vegetables with some raw ones, and making sure to include something creamy and something crunchy — magic can happen.

The latest cold-weather salad to seek entry into my repertoire comes from “Cooking, Blokes & Artichokes: A Modern Man’s Kitchen Handbook” by Brendan Collins (Kyle, 2016). Collins, a Los Angeles chef who hails from England, brings a dude-food sensibility to his book, and he approaches salad making with the same go-for-broke approach as, say, a grilled skirt steak and horseradish sandwich.

This salad combines roasted root vegetables and shallots with raw endive (or, because I couldn’t find those, radicchio) leaves, in a classic sherry vinaigrette. Straightforward enough. But the killer touch is burrata cheese, which you tear and scatter on the salad along with a raft of crushed hazelnuts. If burrata is not available nearby, fresh ricotta (a nondairy one if you’re vegan) would be a fine substitute.

I was JUST saying to Big Al that I needed to step my dude salad game up, this article should definitely help that and help tone up this good dad bod

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