News – “Cinnabon Is Now Stuffing Its Cinnamon Rolls Inside Chocolate Chip Cookies” – If you’ve ever walked past a Cinnabon without stopping, you’ve either got superhuman strength or a stuffy nose. That sweet, cinnamon-y smell has broken many a diet and mended many a broken heart — and it’s about to get even more epic: For the first time ever, Cinnabon is stuffing its adorable BonBites (mini versions of the bakery’s iconic cinnamon rolls) inside fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. Let your nose sit with that for a second.


You’re going to want more than one, and that’s a good thing: The first cookie will go down fast — just try not to scarf it — but be sure to admire the architectural beauty of the second one. A bite from the raised middle reveals the cross section of the tiny BonBite within a cookie. It’s zebra stripes of gooey dough and cinnamon, with melted chocolate chips oozing between. The beauty of it is hard to describe — like one of those German words that doesn’t translate to English. Or maybe it’s just difficult because your mouth is full with cookie number three.

Lawwwddddddd , anddddd off to the mall I go

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