News – “These Hilariously Honest Wine Labels Are About to Become Your Favorite Thing” – There’s a reason behind every wine purchase you make, whether that’s “because it’s Monday and I deserve it” or “it’s my best friend’s birthday and I’m broke, so cheap wine it is.” What if you were able to communicate the intention without saying a word and letting the wine bottle do all the talking? Enter Delicate Estates, a company that makes laugh-out-loud hilarious and honest wine labels that have a cheeky comment on the front and a lengthier message on the back. With the motto “cards are better when they’re attached to alcohol,” Delicate Estates makes labels for those times in your life when you really need a drink, like when you’re going through a breakup, planning a wedding, or, you know, dealing with a particularly rough Tuesday.

The Los Angeles-based company was founded by friends Courtney and Liza, who, when describing the type of person who would make such a thing, wrote, “Um . . . people who like drinking wine and talking about feelings. No really, those are our two favorite things, so we figured we’d squish them into a single product and sell that sh*t on the internet.” We’re so on board with that, and after reading each creative wine label, you will be too. Keep reading to pick out your favorites if you need a good laugh and a glass of wine.

These are fantastic

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