Oreo Pulls Back The Veil On Mystery Flavor

thedailymeal.comWhen Oreo’s newest mystery flavor hit shelves in October, The Daily Meal staffers began an investigation to uncover the truth. Most agreed on a fruity, slightly citrusy tinge to the center-cream. Many pointed a finger toward Fruity Pebbles or Fruit Loops, followed by lemon marzipan, drugstore perfume, and Skittles. Months later, Oreo has finally given us answers.

Not to brag, but we were right. The cookie features a cream inspired by the “intense fruity flavor” of Fruity Pebbles cereal sandwiched between the brand’s traditional chocolate biscuits.

No surprise here, majority of the team had the same fruity pebbles guess during our live taste test on episode 5 of the Just Grubbin podcast. I’m more curious of how their going to reward the prize because I’m sure mad people picked the same…really shoulda entered that contest smh.

Image result for homer simpson deep sigh



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