News – “11 CBD-Infused Snacks Any Anxiety-Prone Foodie Would Devour in a Heartbeat” – If you’re looking for a way to naturally cope with anxiety while also satisfying those midday hunger pangs, we have just the answer for you: CBD-infused snacks. Yes, CBD is totally legal, and no, you won’t need a marijuana card to purchase food products made with it.

Before we jump into all the craveable CBD goodies out there, allow us to do some much-needed explaining in case you’re uncertain about hopping on the ever-growing bandwagon. CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is an active component of cannabis. This is not to be confused with tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC for short), which is the only psychoactive cannabinoid compound, meaning it’s the stuff that makes you feel “high.” When CBD is derived from hemp (rather than a cannabis plant), it has negligible amounts of THC, making it completely legal.

So what’s the buzz with CBD? The compound has been making waves lately because it’s associated with a laundry list of health benefits, including muscle pain mitigation and anxiety and insomnia relief. Though much research is still needed to clarify its therapeutic effects, we’d wager to say it’s totally worth giving it a try when we’re teetering on the edge of an anxious midweek mental breakdown.

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