News – “This new food truck serves nothing but queso. Lots and lots of queso.” – “It’s not just melted cheese. It’s a movement.”

This is how Beaux Hebert, manager of the Queso Truck, a month-old food truck, describes the stuff.

“I’m from the South, and queso is a Southern food staple,” said Hebert. “I mean, my sister Cammy had a queso fountain at her wedding.”

Queso, the melted cheese dip typically served with tortilla chips, tortillas — or a spoon — became more than a mere blip on the local food radar when Bar Amá chef Josef Centeno placed it on the menu at his downtown L.A. Tex-Mex restaurant; the East Hollywood Texas-inspired restaurant HomeState has always had it on the menu. But despite the fact that it’s a bowl of melted cheese, and it’s delicious, it’s never quite picked up the momentum that, say, cauliflower or Brussels sprouts did. Maybe the Queso Truck will turn the cheese dish into the next Los Angeles food trend. (Despite our health-conscious reputation, Angelenos are willing to wait in line for fried chicken.)

I know our very own blogger MK would visit this truck so much that they would have to name a menu item after her if they had this truck out in Colorado, she loves her cheese.

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