JG Original: #TBT Hi-C Ecto Cooler

Yes, play that again for the people in the back. That’s right folks this weeks #TBT post is dedicated to that wonderful green elixir … ECTO COOLER! If you’re a adult in your early 30’s like myself then you definitely remember this delicious mystery juice.  Hi-C rolled this iconic beverage out in 1989 with an image of Slimer (basically a floating smiling snot rocket) from the Ghostbusters on it.

Image result for ecto cooler slimer

It was supposed to be a limited release surrounding the 80’s Ghostbuster movies and cartoons but it was such a hit they kept it around till ’97. They did a limited time relaunch in 2016 but it will never be the same. So shoutout to you Ecto Cooler, for holding down my generation after soccer games, during lunch,  after school etc.

Here’s a complete history of the Hi-C Ecto Cooler here , this snippet sums up why the drink was all the rage with the youth in the 80’s perfectly:

The mix of orange and tangerine fruit juices was pleasant enough, but it was really the idea of this being edible ectoplasm that drove us wild. For people of certain ages and inclinations, Ecto Cooler was the tie that bound us all. We gravitated towards it as if by supernatural forces.


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