News – “Man V. Food’s Casey Webb Dishes on New Season: ‘There’s Nothing I Won’t Try’ “ – He’s up for the challenge! Man V. Food host Casey Webb opens up about the sixth season of his hit food competition show in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly.

The New York native, who travels the country in search of America’s most decadent dishes and most outrageous eating challenges, tells Us that the latest installment of his Travel Channel series will be filled with “tons of shenanigans” and lots of “great food.”

“Food is fun to me and travel is fun to me. I really want that to come across on the show,” Webb said. “I think we broadened our spectrum of places that we’ve gone to. We’re pushing the envelope and having more fun.”

The star, who will travel to Daytona and Nashville, among many other places, will accept challenges in Los Angeles and Boston as well in back-to-back premiere episodes airing December 4.

I’ll be honest I haven’t watched this since Richman left but I’m going to have to give it a binge this weekend.

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