News – “SodaStream Turns Sparkling Water Into Wine With New Alcohol Concentrate”

foodbeast.comSodaStream literally shook up the soda industry when it first debuted. Its machines, which you can use to make your own sparkling water or soda, became insanely popular as an alternative to store-bought cans and bottles. Now, SodaStream is looking to invade a new industry with a product that can be utilized to turn sparkling water into wine.

sparkling water into wine
 Photo courtesy of SodaStream

Their invention, called “Sparkling Gold,” is an alcohol concentrate that can be added to sparkling water to transform it into a wine that the company says “resembles a fruity Riesling.” You don’t need to have a SodaStream machine to utilize it, so you can put one part of the Sparkling Gold into five parts of Perrier, Topo Chico, or whatever other sparkling water you’ve got on deck if you don’t own the machine.

I have a Soda Stream sitting in its box in my pantry just collecting dust, but now I’m definitely pulling it out if I can make my own booze. Don’t tell ME I can make fruity wine in the comfort of my kitchen and not expect me to drink everything. 

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