JG Original: Burger King’s Flamin’ Hot Mac n’ Cheetos review

Leer and White Chris are two of our more random bloggers here at Just Grubbin. We say that with love because these dudes will try mostly any new fast food item that comes out at least ONCE no matter how outrageous it sounds or looks (Listen to episode 4 of the podcast to hear me discuss WC’s Arby’s/Venison adventure), so they were given the assignment of reviewing Burger Kings Flamin’ Hot Mac N’ Cheetos. They both were left with the same “meh” feeling…well Leer a lil more 🤬 but read their review for yourself below:

 Hot N Bland

Leer – That’s all I️ can really say about the Flamin’ Hot Mac N’ Cheetos sticks from Burger King. Don’t get too excited and go there with your hopes up expecting a flavor sensation because it’s just….. bland. I️ was tasked with taste testing and reviewing these for the site and I️ couldn’t say no, because honestly it gave me a reason to go to Burger King and enjoy a whopper and the original chicken sandwich.

Related image Burger King has had an abundance of different foods in stick form, some good (chicken sticks, French toast sticks) and some that’ll have you thinking out loud “Who the hell approved this?”. That’s basically my feelings towards the Flaming Mac n Cheetos stick. Burger King released these November 30th at select locations and I believe they are only a limited release. These are just a variation of a menu item they rolled out earlier this year, the Mac N Cheetos but just dusted with the Flaming Hot Cheetos dust. You can tell right from the first bite that the Mac and cheese is a bland, non flavored, mass-produced school cafeteria crap that only gets worse with every bite. The more you eat, the angrier you’ll get and you’ll start looking over at the counter contemplating demanding your money back from the cashier. It’s not all bad though because the Cheetos dust is delicious but for all that just go grab yourself a bag of Flamin Hot Cheetos. Overall though, I say save yourself the heart burn and calories and just pass on these. I️ give them a Randy Jackson, just a no from me dawg.

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WC – Of course I had to see what Burger King’s Flaming Hot Mac and Cheetos were all about, and I must say that I kind of made a mistake….the things I do for this blog and in the name of journalism smh. I didn’t specify if I wanted a 3 piece or a 5 piece. I bought the 5 piece. I sat down and I chomped into these, but I had to admire them first. They are really, really red. Like the kinda red you don’t want to see on a food cause you know that your rectum is going to feel some serious fire. I said what the hell and took a bite. Now the only heat they had was a more “back of the throat, I have bad heartburn” type heat. The sides of my tongue had a spicy tingle too. Otherwise, these should NOT be called “Flamin’” because they are not remotely that hot at all what so ever. Now the mac and cheese inside aren’t bad. It was a very pleasant cheesy experience. They remind me of the Grilled Cheese sticks that Checker’s/Rally’s had a few years ago. So the flaming hot mac and Cheetos are pretty tasty. They are not good enough for me to buy again, but they were pretty okay.


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