News – “3 Food Shows and Movies to Stream on Netflix and Hulu in December” – We are currently living in the Golden Age of Food Entertainment. Every month, the networks and major streaming services get a handful of new shows and movies about chefs, restaurants, and the ways people eat around the world. Take a look at what’s new to stream in December right here, and check out Eater’s full guide to food TV and movies at the bottom of this post.

Chef & My Fridge
Netflix, December 1

Here’s another option to satisfy that appetite for televised culinary competitions. Airing in South Korea since 2014, Chef & My Fridge’s third season is about to hit Netflix. The show challenges some of the best Korean cooks to prepare incredible meals — made completely of ingredients found in celebrity guests’ refrigerators.

Great article for everyone like me that can’t get enough of food shows like these.

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