News – “Newark Airport Is Now Home to Some of the Best Sushi on the East Coast” – A mini version of Japan’s world-famous seafood market has opened in the New Jersey air travel hub.

In New York, the most popular sport isn’t baseball, football, or even basketball (the Nets and Knicks ball, but ball is not life)—it’s complaining. And if there’s one situation that never fails to yield kvetching, it’s getting to any of the three major airports in the New York metropolitan area.

Newark International Airport, in particular, has historically gotten a pretty unfair rap. Never mind that it’s often a shorter cab ride from Manhattan than construction-ridden LaGuardia or perma-swamped JFK; as Angelinos love “route talk,” New Yorkers live to go on about schlepping to Newark to catch a flight.

But for travelers looking for way-better-than-average airport food, there’s a new incentive to fly out of Newark: its revamped Terminal C, which houses United Airlines flights. It just got a $120 million facelift and has the fancy dining to match: In addition to Amanda Cohen’s Thyme and Einat Admoney’s Flora Cafe, the terminal is now home to a Global Bazaar—a sort of upscale, grab-and-go food court—which, in turn, offers some of the freshest sushi this side of the Pacific, in the form of a mini version of Tokyo’s world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market.

Welp talk about an upset alert…didn’t see this one coming but guess I’m going to have to check it out next time i’m flying out of Newark.

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