News – “Moscato Truffles Are The Classiest Way To Sneak More Booze Into Your Holiday”

delish.comThe chances of running out of booze during the holidays are v. low. A smart host or hostess will stock up with twice as many bottles as he or she thinks is necessary. Empty glasses in ugly Christmas sweaters are just too sad. But just because there’s already a ton of alcohol, doesn’t mean that more booze isn’t always appreciated. It is! Especially when it comes in the adorable form of pink, sparkly truffles.


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Moscato Truffles


Moscato truffles are the thing to bring to your next scheduled soirée. They look swanky and incredibly fussy, but they’re a breeze to make. And even though the white chocolate makes them super sweet, you can still taste the wine. Which is definitely key.

Fancy littiness, I like it

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