News – “This Cow-Shaped Bento Box Has 10 Pounds of Premium Wagyu Beef” – Japanese bento boxes typically contain an assortment of relatively light, healthy items like fish, vegetables, soup, and salads, along with small portions of rice, meat, or tempura. But a new lunch delivery service called Gochikuru is taking the set meal in the completely opposite direction with the release of a two-foot-wide cow-shaped box full of 10 pounds of wagyu beef from Tottori Prefecture, which is widely considered to be some of the most delectable meat in the world.


The slices of cooked sirloin, prime rib, brisket, and tongue, are arranged over Kinu Musume rice, and the meal is garnished with dipping sauces, lime wedges, and wasabi. This special delivery item will set you back around $2,800 after sales tax. That’s truly a lot of money for a bento box, but if you were to split this order with nine friends, you could each feast on a pound of meat for around $280 — still expensive, but that price is at least in the realm of what you might spend on a splashy dinner at a steakhouse.

I saw 10 lbs of beef and thought “I can do it”. I guess I’m just a confident guy. I see it’s supposed to be for 10 ppl, but I think between me and Big Al we could finish it off ourselves. Obviously, he gets to eat all the sliced tongue meat. 

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