News – “This Fast Food Joint Was Ranked As A Better Place To Work Than Google”

delish.comNo one loves their jobs quite as much as the employees at In-N-Out do. In fact, when it comes to employee satisfaction, the West coast-based fast food joint managed to outrank Google as one of the best companies to work for in America.


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Glassdoor released its list of the Best Places to Work in 2018, and In-N-Out came in at number four, just above Google who ranked fifth. The company has a 4.3 rating out of 5 on the website based on 978 reviews, and is the only restaurant to be featured in the list’s top 50. Of all the reviews on In-N-Out’s Glassdoor profile, 92% of current and former employees would recommend the company to a friend while 97% approve of the brand’s CEO, Lynsi Snyder. Snyder found herself on last year’s list of the highest rated CEOs at number 36.

This is a pretty big jump for In-N-Out, as the company came in at No. 7 on last year’s list and No. 13 the year before that. Most employees that left reviews seem to agree that the hours spent working at the restaurant are pretty flexible, and that the work environment is positive overall. One of the most recent reviews from a current employee reads, “You get to work with amazing people and you have great opportunities to advance both in store and corporate. They offer great training and have a great support structure.”

I wanna say I’m surprised, but when I hear all the reviews about IN and OUT and the worst one is “eh, it’s an okay burger, I like so and so from back home better” so I know they are doing something right. I have never had In and Out Burger, so I wont give a review on it, but I am not surprised that this fast food joint ranks in the Top 5 of Best Places to Work. It all starts at the top, and for a CEO of a fast food joint to receive a 96% approval rate is a god damn good sign that shit around in and out is being handled right. Usually I just assume all fast food CEOs are like those on Under Cover Boss and give 0 fucks about the little people in their franchise. Not this chick. She not only runs this super successful burger joint, but also manages to run a charity under the IN and OUT name that helps abused and neglected children. This lady is like Ghandi, but eats cows.

Kudos to you IN and OUT now bring some of that left coast love to the right coast. 

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