News – “Choke-Proof Food That Tastes Like the Real Thing”

theatlantic.comHere’s a grim fact: According to the diaper maker Unicharm, in Japan, adult diapers now outsell baby diapers. That’s because a quarter of the country’s population is 65 or older. By 2060, that proportion will hit 40 percent.

What adjustments have to be made when so many people grow old simultaneously? To take one example, after a recent surge in accidents involving older drivers, the government began testing the Robot Shuttle, an autonomous bus intended for use in rural areas, where Japan’s shrinking pains have hurt the most. Other tweaks include slowing down escalators and equipping shopping carts with magnifying glasses.It’s long been observed that Japan’s aging doesn’t bode well for its economy. Lots of old people means a financial drain on both the private and public sectors, as health-care and pension costs skyrocket and productivity declines. But the news isn’t all bad: Amid this elder boom, a new, 100 trillion yen ($800 billion) consumer category has emerged, known as “the silver market.”
Millions of Japanese seniors who have long been saving for retirement find themselves at the center of a commercial bonanza. The products vying for their attention range from Docomo’s Raku-Raku 4, a smartphone that’s “easier to hear” and also has jumbo screen icons, to Fujisoft’s Palro, a $6,000 “carebot” that combats dementia through trivia games and fitness drills. Even video-game arcades, long a bastion of youth, are wooing golden-agers with benches for resting; arcade staffers are encouraged to get certified as senior-friendly “service assistants.”The most intriguing product, though, may be engay food. Engay is Japanese for “swallowing,” something that can become increasingly difficult as people age: More Japanese now die each year from choking than in traffic accidents.

So my man Lauren has started sending me interesting articles about the food game. And so far they have been pretty basic, and some what lack luster. Until I opened this link. Just when I thought Japan couldn’t get any weirder, it did. Folks, when I say you can’t make this shit up, YOU CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP! So apparently because Japan is old as fuck now, the countries scientists and shit, are accommodating the geezers, because more people die from choking then in traffic accidents, by making CHOKE FREE FOOD. That’s right CHOKE FREE FOOD. So the premise of this is to make milk shakes out of all these gourmet meals and then put them in some sort of jello based cube and serve them to the old heads. Of course Japan would make a salmon meal into a fucking custard. Whats wrong with a good boost or ensure to make sure you’re getting your proper nutrition, like we do it here in the states. REAL AMERICAN NUTRITION!

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