News – “‘Food Network’ star agrees to pay stylist $4K over ‘Emmy’ dispute” – “Food Network” chef Sunny Anderson agreed to fork over $4,000 after being sued in Brooklyn small-claims court for failing to pay a stylist who dressed her for the “Daytime Emmy Awards” earlier this year.

Stylist Oksana Pidhoreckyj, who worked with Anderson on her show “The Kitchen,” filed a complaint in September, saying the chef owed her $5,000 “for services rendered.”

The stylist said she was only supposed to spend two days working on Anderson’s wardrobe for the Emmys last April — but the job took longer because the chef wasn’t happy with her initial selections.

“When she received my revised invoice, her manager explained that she doesn’t want to pay me for a job I didn’t do correctly the first time,” she said.

“I explained to her manager the process and that Sunny changed her mind.”

Anderson showed up to small-claims court without a lawyer on Monday, wearing a long denim jacket and jeans.

The pair settled in mediation, with Anderson agreeing to pay the stylist $4,000, documents show.

These food network celebs are in the headlines more and more for the wrong things lately, I feel both sides but just pay the money man. 

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