News – “Restaurant Rejects Gordon Ramsay’s Changes After He Gives Their Menu A Makeover”

foodbeast.comGordon Ramsay is kinda getting back into Kitchen Nightmares with his newly greenlit show, Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours To Hell & Back. And while we can’t wait for Ramsay to throw more tantrums and insults at restaurant owners, not everybody appears to be on board with the changes he’s leaving behind. One restaurant scheduled to appear on the show has already reverted the changes he made to their menu.


Now, if a restaurant rejects Gordon Ramsay’s changes, they probably have good reason to do so despite the man being a Michelin-starred chef. In the case of Sacramento’s Sandra Dee’s Barbeque & Seafood, the soul food establishment felt that Gordon “misunderstood” what Creole and Southern dishes really are all about.


“I definitely think he misunderstood this type of food,” manager Tatiana Johnson told SFGate. “He was saying everything used too much spice. I don’t think he has that type of taste palate… The owner decided to stay with what she knows best.”


Based on SFGate’s coverage of Ramsay’s visit to Sandra Dee’s, it feels like the restaurant was getting slighted from the get-go. The 20-year-old restaurant had agreed to participate in a Fox special and have contractors renovate the interior, but they didn’t know Gordon Ramsay was involved until he walked into Sandra Dee’s in disguise, ripped a fake beard off, and began ranting about how bad the restaurant was.

OOOO I love when the restaurants clap back to the celebrity chefs, like when a restaurant will basically tell Jon Taffer to go fuck himself. Always comedic gold, it also sounds like Gordon didn’t know much about this restaurant.

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