JGTV: Episode 2

Mo and Lauren went to Fox and Hound to watch Michigan lose to Wisconsin a few weeks back. Luckily for them the fantastic kitchen would help soothe that L. Lauren went with the Craftburger which consisted of ground chuck and was topped with bacon, white american cheese, and a sunny side up egg.  Mo got the “The Dilemma”, a hand battered crispy chicken breast, American cheese, bacon, maple miso butter and a sunny-side up fried egg. As discussed on episode 6 of the Just Grubbin podcast, everything was delicious and made fresh… no frozen beef and microwaved chicken.

From there the fellas went to meet Leer at Craftsman Row Saloon . If you’re not already doing so please go follow their Instagram… shit is insane and the main reason we stopped in.

Lauren continued comforting himself after watching his beloved Wolverines fall by getting two milkshakes… that’s right two, dos. The “Cereal Killa” (Captain Crunch, Frosted Flakes, Fruity Pebbles, Lucky Charms, Rice Crispy Treat) and the “Brotherly Love” (Hershey’s Chocolate, Peanut Chews, Tasty Cake Cupcake & Kandy Cake, peanut butter, Amish pretzel stick)…. after putting down both milkshakes he rubbed his stomach and declared them his new favorites in the city of brotherly love. Leer came there on a mission to try the Mac Daddy burger (2 smashed patties topped with mac and cheese), and he was not disappointed. He devoured that and there poutine fries and was so impressed he came back the next weekend to get the buffalo chicken sandwich. Craftsman Row Saloon has quickly become a favorite of the JG team.




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