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News – Nutella Oreos Coming in 2018 hazelnut-filled Oreos are going to be released in the US in January next year.  Although Oreo isn’t officially collaborating with Nutella on the new flavour, the delicious new filling is sure to excite chocoholics everywhere.

News of the announcement first came in October when Instagram user @thejunkfoodaisle teased his followers with an image of the limited edition flavour.


They can’t call them Nutella Oreos, but I can! Nutella Oreos are on the horizon. Timeframe unknown. This is not a joke. The photo quality is.

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However, now it’s official. According to PopSugar, Oreo has confirmed that the Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos will be available to buy from January 1st.

There’s more. Chocolate hazelnut isn’t the only new filling Oreo will be debuting in the New Year.

Now these are a flavor I can get behind, you can keep some of the other shit they keep rolling out but yea I can mess with these.


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