News – “Cookies for breakfast! Nutter Butter and Chips Ahoy cereals debut at Walmart” – As kids, we were told it wasn’t a good idea to eat dessert for breakfast, but lately cereal brands have been defying the rules — and we’re not mad about it.


Post is launching Chips Ahoy! Cereal and Nutter Butter Cereal and these cookies-turned-breakfast meals are following right in the footsteps of the Oreo O’s revival that came before it.

As any kid knows, nothing is better than milk and cookies, so throwing cookie-inspired cereal into a bowl of milk sounds like a guaranteed win.

Post Cereals

The Chips Ahoy! version looks like the cookies we’ve always known but shrunken into a bite-size form. Same goes for the peanut-shaped Nutter Butter Cereal: They’re crunchy, mini Nutter Butters coated in real peanut butter. (Can we rationalize this to ourselves as a healthy meal with all that good fat?) Each box retails for $3.98.

Well lookie here, Lauren gets back into cereal and look at all these new delicious flavors dropping.

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