JG Original: Where’s The Beef- A Glance Into Hip Hop’s Juiciest Beef

Over the course of hip hop history we have witnessed several rivalries settle their differences over records, and occasionally have seen some spill over into the streets. These are some of my personal favorite. I can honestly do a whole post just on 50 Cent’s career, but where’s the variety in that? So, without further ado I present to you…..

Where’s The Beef: A Glance Into Hip Hop’s Juiciest Beef

5.) The Game vs. G-Unit

Confrontation specialist 50 Cent tolerates no disrespect. So, when his newly signed artist The Game wavered and was an unwilling participant in the slander of some of 50s rivals, he was ousted from the crew. Essentially left for dead, The Game rebounded with a scathing diss track, 300 Bars, that went on for like 20 minutes, and followed that up with the best album of the year and his career. The Doctors Advocate proved he had much more life in him than anyone ever imagined, as he took shot after shot at his ex boss and label mates in this masterpiece.

4.) Murda Mase vs. Killa Cam

My once all time favorite artist, Mase, found himself embroiled in a bitter feud with his longtime homie Cam’ron over the same thing that contributes to most falling-outs in the industry……. Money. Mo’ money mo’ problems seems to summarize this beef, although many point to early onset jealousy from pastor Mason dating back to when the two played high school basketball together. On the court Mase seemed to live in Cams shadow, but the tables turned when they starting pursuing a career in the early 90s hip hop scene. After releasing mix tapes with their group, Children Of The Corn, Mase garnered the most attention from countless execs in the industry. Opting to go without the highest bidder Mase choose Bad Boy Ent. Not forgetting about his bff; Mase put Cam in position to secure his own deal and put out his own project, even agreeing to appear on a few songs to give his project much needed juice. Ok this where the root of all evil comes in; understanding the business much better than Cam at this point, Mase refused to be in the video for his second single without getting his appearance fee. That right there made Cam look at him like “Yo b wtf you doing, you my mans just hop in the video.” Mr. Betha understanding how the labels work tells him no they have the money at the label to pay my fee, not out of your pocket, but the label has the money for the appearance and if they don’t pay me they just keep it for themselves. Cam wasn’t really trying to hear that and that’s where the divide took place. Mase didn’t seem to do himself any favors ostracizing his closest friends, running around with baby mamas and girlfriends of some real street ninjas lead to his exile from Harlem.

3.) Gucci Mane vs. Young Jeezy

This a beef where some real shit actually went down. Two aspiring up-and-comers from the south, The Snowman and Guwop, decided to collaborate on a song entitled “So Icy”. Through some miscommunication Jeezy thought the song would be placed on his debut “Let’s Get It:Thug Motivation 101” instead it found itself on Guccis “Trap House”. After rising on the charts and being more than well received in the south Jeezy was not too happy about this and decided to put a bounty on Gucci’s chain for 10 stacks. The details on what follows are a bit fuzzy but from my account it seems as if the female friend Gucci was with knew about the bounty and called some of Jeezy’s goons to her residence. Discovering Gucci was there with a friend, a group of men entered the home, assaulted Gucci and tied up his friend. In all the craziness somehow Gucci manages to get his hands on his strap and started letting off shots causing the men to flee, and leaving one dead. Two days later the dead mans body was found and turned out to be an artist signed to Jeezy’s record label. Gucci was arrested and charged for murder, but was acquitted with a self-defense claim. That still didn’t stop the bad blood from brewing over the years the two continue to take shots at each other through song and other various media outlets. Damn. They really ain’t no more play in GA smfh.

2.) Ja Rule vs. 50 Cent

Jeffrey Atkins probably rues the day he ran afoul a young Curtis Jackson. Two kids from the same borough just trying to make a name in the rap game, until that fateful video shoot, where 50 felt slighted by not being properly acknowledged by the up-and-coming Ja Rule. At the time Ja was on fire and everything was Murdaaaaa!!! Being the brighter star at the time Ja didn’t feel the need to give 50 much of his attention. Big. Mistake. From that point on, 50 put all his attention and focused all his energy on destroying this mans career. A couple scuffles and an innumerable amount of diss tracks later we saw 50 take a stranglehold of the rap game and leaving Ja as just an afterthought.

1.) Jay-Z vs. Nas

This is the quintessential beef; in my opinion this is the greatest hip hop beef of all time. You can’t ask for much more. There’s a deep history, both sides are evenly matched, and things got ugly, well super ugly (left condoms on your baby seat). Now if you followed rap in the 90s into the 2000’s you would know who’s the best emcees, Biggie, Jay-Z or Nas. The untimely death of BIG left the title of King of New York wide open to remaining two rappers. You can hear them firing subtle shots at each other in their early work. It wasn’t really until Nas took a more direct shot at Jays artist Memphis Bleek that this thing started heating up. A couple more back and forths culminated to the loudest shot heard ’round the world, Takeover. The Blueprints ill diss track dedicated a whole 32 bars to Mr. Nasty Nas himself. “Nigga switch up flow ya shit is garbage/ What u trying to kick knowledge”. Nasir was simply obliterated on this track almost to the point of no return. However, to the chagrin of Young Hov, Escobar resurrected himself to drop the bomb that is Ether. Nas must’ve dipped his blunt in embalming fluid before he wrote this, because this shit was death over a beat. “You 36 in a karate class? You tae-bo ho you trying to get brolic/ Ask me if I’m trying kick knowledge/ No. This that shit you need to learn tho/ That Ether that shit that make your soul burn slow.” Check and mate. I’ve been a Nas fan ever since.

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