JGTV: Episode 3 Philadelphia Eagles Fan of The Game Tailgate Presentation

On episode 3 of JGTV the JG team had the pleasure of doing tailgate interviews with chef Tim Lopez of the Philadelphia Eagles and a couple of members from their media team… shoutout to Brandon who Big Al dubbed Tim Tebow during episode 6 of the Just Grubbin podcast… for their Tailgate Fan of the Game Award Presentation. This award is something they do weekly, and for you to win, your food and loyalty obviously has to be on point. We got to walk the Lincoln Financial Field tailgating lot with a couple of Eagles alums from the 90’s, wide receiver Fred Barnett and running back Vaughn Hebron. They presented the award to that weeks’ winner Josh, he told us he thinks he won because of his cheesesteaks and jambalaya… his whole group agreed emphatically.


We also stopped at a couple of other tailgates to do some fan interviews and asked some hard hittin journalistic questions like…”Pats or Genos?”… “Is your sausage made with pork or naw?”  and of course there was some pig booty talk. So if you haven’t yet you can hear all those interviews on episode 6 of the Just Grubbin podcast. Also once again shoutout to chef Tim Lopez and the Eagles media team for showing love and make sure to check out his podcast Feeding the Birds.



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