News – “This ‘Magic Wand’ Lets You Order Food with a Quick Wave” – If you don’t feel like cooking, can’t stand the thought of calling a local pizza spot’s landline, or lack the will to order food via the wacky World Wide Web, you still have options, you lazy, lazy human.

One regal, Mariah Carey-esque hand gesture is now all it takes for your favorite takeout food to show up at your door, at which point you can greet the delivery person with whatever occult-sounding exclamation you wish, maybe “Sectumsempra!” Does this scenario sound, uh, kind of wild? Well, it’s one that British delivery service Just Eat appears to be banking on, as they promote their “magic wand” takeaway ordering system.

In a symphony of tech buzzwords, Just Eat says that the 3D-printed food wand is turned on with the press of a button and a simple wave, “The Wand then communicates with the Just Eat app using cutting-edge Chirp™ soundwave technology. It transmits an encrypted sound signal, like a ‘sonic barcode’, to the mobile app triggering it to order your favorite, last order via Just Eat.”

I’m close to being all technologies out, not there yet but getting pretty damn close… this does seem pretty cool though.

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