News – “ARE FAST-FOOD CHAINS INNOVATING FAST ENOUGH?” – In collaboration with Bank of America Merchant Services and Bypass Mobile, has launched its Restaurant Readiness Index to assess the level of innovation in the U.S. quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry. The index measures QSRs’ use of online ordering, in-store beacons, alternative payment methods and other capabilities intended to make the customer experience easier and convenient. 

“Not only do patrons want their eatery of choice to offer tasty culinary creations, but they increasingly expect the latest cutting-edge tech, as well. They want to be able to pre-order their meals from their phones (from wherever they may be), pay in advance and skip the line to pick up their ready-to-eat items. All the while, they expect QSRs to remember their preferences. In short, customers want innovation, but restaurants, largely, aren’t giving it to them,” notes studied 178 QSRs and tracked the presence or absence of convenience features when customers order and pay in-store, on a mobile device or via the web. Of the 178 QSRs analyzed, 172 operated between eight and 2,630 locations. These include burger, bakery/café, chicken, frozen dessert, Mexican, sandwich, and soup/salad/bowl chains.

In today’s society fast food places better keep up because millenials are getting everything up outta here.

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