News – “There’s A Pizza Place in Pittsburgh That Serves Cold Cheese And Toppings”

foodbeast.comOf all the lazy attempts at reinventing pizza, this might be the laziest. Beto’s Pizza in Pittsburgh, PA is known for its cold cheese pizza, and somehow people are actually eating this Lunchables-like pie.


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Cold pizza is notoriously good, but this is whole different story. This isn’t melted cheese that eventually got cold, it’s straight shredded provolone that’s skipping the oven process.


What is even more confusing is that its owner Michael Van Newkirk doesn’t even know how the cold toppings became a thing, according to Insider Food.

“Cold cheese and thick crust might not be for everyone but I fucking love it,” said Yelper Victoria A., while Brad H. from Jefferson Hills, Pennsylvania said, “I love the combination of the cooked dough and sauce with the fresh cold cheese.”

there’s a special place in hell for people like Victoria, let me tell you that,NO ONE, and I repeat, NO ONE wants this bullshit COLD CHEESE PIZZA. The Italian stallions that created the nectar of the Gods pizza are rolling over in their graves that some idiot decided to recreate one of the greatest food inventions of all time. STICK TO MAKING INSANELY GOOD SANDWICHES PITTSBURGH!! And let Philly, New York, and maybe Chicago stick to the pizza!

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