JG Original: Great Food Moments in Xmas Movie History

‘Tis the season for great holiday cinema. Whether you noticed or not there has been great food moments in pretty much every Xmas movie put out. From dry ass turkeys to hairy Santa salmon, I summed up my favorite food moments for your Yule tide enjoyment.

Honorable MentionFriday After Next

While Craig and Day-Day are hell bent on making rent, Pops and Uncle Elroy are back at Brothers Ba-ba-bar-b-que. Making sauce for ribs that are so good it will make slap your mama. Probably the most epic public-access television commercial moment in movie history happens when a slap-happy Willie goes in on Big Mama smh. Just make sure you pass on Holy Moly’s donuts, even if he offers you one free bear claw.

5.) A Christmas Story

Not only did he shoot his eye out but Ralphie’s uber eagerness to play with his Red Ryder BB gun gave way to a great food moment. I believe he left the door open on his way in or out that let the Bumpus hounds in to tear apart Moms bomb ass Xmas turkey that was cooling. Goddamnit Ralphie.

4.) Dr.Suess’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Robbing a whole town the night before xmas can work up an appetite. So after having a change of heart and returning all the presents to Whoville The Grinch was invited to Xmas feast. Replete with an enormous Roast Beast it was definitely a level up from green eggs and ham.

3.) National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

The Griswold’s were all settled in,after their many trials and tribulations to make it Christmas dinner, when disappointment reared its ugly head. Cousin Eddie’s wife, Catherine, attempt to make the holiday bird didn’t go so well. The turkey collapses upon carving and what’s left is the driest turkey meat you’ve ever witnessed. Eddie didn’t seem to have a problem getting it down though smh.

 2.) Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

Once again after being separated from his family on a Christmas vacation, getting on the wrong plane, landing in NYC, and conning his way into the Plaza Hotel with his fathers credit card; all Kevin McAllister wants is his beloved cheese pizza. This time though he hit a serious level up. Basking in his new found baller status; Kevin hops in his stretch limo complete with his own personal large cheese pizza. Merry Christmas you filthy animal.

1.) Trading Places

This has to be on the list just because it’s probably my favorite movie ever. After being framed,sent to jail, and left to fend for himself on the streets; Louis Winthorpe lll, seeks revenge on the man he believes is responsible for this. He decided to crash the company Christmas party dressed as the dingiest Santa ever, but is discovered by his nemesis, Billy Ray Valentine. He foils Winthorpe’s primitive attempt to set him up and outs him to his employers, the Dukes. Feeling rejected and slightly deranged Winthorpe flees and boards the Septa bus with a large smoked salmon he pilfered earlier from the company party. Disgusting bum bus eating ensues.

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