New – “A first-grade class wrote letters to Santa. One girl asked for food and a blanket.” Up until a few days ago, many did not know of Crystal Pacheco, a first-grader from the southern Texas city of Edinburg who asked for some food and a blanket for Christmas.

Nashley Garcia, who lives in neighboring McAllen, was among those people.

Garcia was one of countless strangers who found out about Crystal through a Facebook post — and answered the girl’s Christmas wish. Crystal’s teacher at Monte Cristo Elementary School, Ruth Espiricueta, had shared her letter to Santa, saying “it breaks my heart” to hear students ask for things that many simply take for granted.

“I have binde good this day,” Crystal wrote. “This Christmas I would like a ball and a food. I need a blancet.”

The child’s mother said Crystal was thinking of her family when she wrote to Santa.

“She wrote the card thinking about her brother. She said she wanted the ball to play with him, food to have food at the house and a blanket because the house is too cold,” her mother, Maria Isabel Cortez, told ABC affiliate KRGV.

This is one of those stories that remind me every once in a while that maybe humanity isn’t doomed.


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